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Ultimate Auric Clearing

DebiRose “Divine Light Alchemy” Transformations

Ultimate Auric Clearing

The Types of Auric Attachments Included In This Clearing & Required
to Clear Prior to Golden DNA Activations:

  • Occupants – thoughts that believe they own your body.
  • Discarnates – disembodied souls that use you as a host.
  • Ids – unconscious identities, fractured soul fragments.
  • Negative thought forms
  • Demons – dark soulless entities that possess individuals
  • Portals – slits in your auric field that drain your energy and through which you absorb other people’s issues
  • Wormholes – parasitical drains that siphon energy from you. (Usually it is a discarnate draining you through a wormhole)

How the Auric Clearing Session is Performed      

All of the sessions are energetic in nature and do not require that we have physical or verbal contact during the scheduled appointment time.

All that is required of you is that you get into a comfortable relaxed state with the intention of allowing the work to be done in the most beneficial way.
I will enter my “Divine Light Alchemy” Matrix Pyramid, get in my unique “Quantum State” and remotely connect to your energy body and perform the clearings.

It does not matter where you live, even if you are half way across the world, since I will be connecting via what quantum physicists call the unified energy field.

Optional Follow-up Phone Session

Should you desire to speak with me after your Sessions, I offer a Follow-up Phone session at a discount.
Please purchase this at the same time you purchase your session, so we can schedule your call within 3 days prior to your clearing session.

This Level of Spiritual Clearing, Releasing and Transmuting enables you to begin choosing from question, which opens up more choices to create more possibility in your life.


Special Limited Time Bonus

With every Ultimate Auric Clearing Purchased,
I will also include my
Basic Clearing, Releasing & Removal of Discarnates, Entities
& Earthbound Souls.

A $350.00 Value

This Clearing Session will be performed after I complete the Ultimate Auric Clearing on you. Although I am trained in many healing & clearing systems, in order to provide the most beneficial results, I perform each system’s processes, clearing & healing protocol individually. I believe this creates “The Divine Debi Rose Difference” I provide with all of my Unique Debi Rose Transformational sessions.

Basic Clearing, Releasing & Removal of Discarnates, Entities & Earthbound Souls.

This is an extensive researching & clearing package and includes the clearing, releasing and removal of the following Negative Discordant Blocking Energies & Entities:

Category I:

Discarnates, Discarnates in Possession, Discarnates in Past Lives, Discarnates in Past Lives Other Dimensions, Separates, Satanics, Demonics, Dark Energies, Dark Forces, Satanic Forces & Demonic Forces.

Discarnates are souls who have left the physical body, but not the physical vibrations of the earth plane. After physical death the soul has a period of time to leave the earth plane. If they do not leave within that time they are stuck and cannot leave without help from an incarnated being.
Separates are souls who have left the physical vibration of the earth plane, however they returned and then got stuck here. Satanics, Demonics, Dark Energies, are discarnates who carry varying degress of dark discordant energies. Dark Forces are discarnates who band together & may deliberately try to cause problems. Satanic Forces & Demonic Forces are discarnates that have Satanic energy who have joined together as a group to cause problems.

Category II:

Extra Souls, Multiple Souls, Double Addicted Multiple Souls, Hidden Souls & Siamese Souls.
This category of souls actually attach to the soul for various reasons. They can cause much interference in a persons life. Imagine searching for a clear radio signal, and getting static & signal interference and no clear information. A thorough clearing of this category is like “polishing the window” so you can see the clear picture and your true divine path!!!
All of their programs, magnetic imprinting, residue, etc. or what I consider their “Dirty Laundry” left behind are also completely cleared, removed and released.

Category III:

Psychic Hooks, Cords & Fragments.
A psychic hook can be caused anytime you feel sympathy for someone or have strong feelings towards another person. A unit of your “energy” is sent out to that person. They can also be thought of as fragments of your “energy.” These all can be extremely draining.
Some individuals are masters at “sucking your energy” and are often referred to as “energy or psychic vampires.” More often thought, the hooks, cords & fragments occurs unintentionally.
All hooks and cords are completely cut cleared and released. All fragments that you have received are sent back and all that you have given to others are called back.

Category IV:

Discordant Energy/Entity Release & Removal
This Ancient Shamanic technique from the Inca’s in Peru, recognizes that some types of discordant energies actually take on an identity, having a personality of it’s own. This distressing energy is literally a type of an “entity.” This particular type of energy/entity knows when it may be discovered & senses that it’s hold on the client is threatened, so it will hide in order to evade it’s discovery and ultimate removal, whenever most systems of energy work are being performed on the client. Understanding it’s unique traits and performing a thorough body scan, the discordant energy/entity is found, and completely eliminated from various areas of the body where it has been thriving.
The profound healing effects resulting from this energy/entity’s removal have been very positive and empowering.

Debi Rose Ultimate Auric Clearing & Special Bonus


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