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Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Transformations

What Are Past Life Clearings?

Any lifetime that has been lived in a physical body, anywhere in the universe, is considered a Past life.
Past lives, Akashic records and karma have a huge impact on our present life. I believe up to 99% of the challenges a person encounters in life, have there roots in past lives, other timelines and other dimensions.
It even goes back to the original programming of the soul’s potential.
Researching and clearing past lives sets you free of past life energies and allows you to make changes in the present life.


Akashic Soul Records

You still have to make choices for this life and walk the new path.

Our soul record is commonly referred to as the Akashic record. It is the record of everything the soul has experienced from the instant that the divine blueprint was formed, until the present moment and beyond. All of the programming from this life and all other lives is stored there.

You could think of our conscious mind as a huge net, constantly gathering information through our senses and forming ideas, beliefs perceptions, projections and judgments, which are then stores in the subconscious mind.

past life soul programs


Everything you have observed through your senses and all the thoughts, feelings & emotions you have experienced as a result of those observations are stored in the subconscious mind, just below the surface of your awareness. It is all of this information that creates our current life experiences.

Mastering Spiritual Healing systems of Past Life Clearing, to research the subconscious mind and soul (Akashic) records, Debi Rose quickly identifies, clears, and transmutes discordant programs from this life and all other past lives.

This amazing spiritual healing system provides an exacting, powerful, virtually painless and accurate way of changing the landscape of your inner being and provides you with the catalyst to creating the change required for your new reality.

The instantaneous healing brought about by a Past life Clearing provide compelling proof of our own Divine Potential to heal ourselves.

Spiritual Healing & Past Life Clearings Are The Heart of
Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Transformational Sessions

What Makes A Debi Rose Session Unique.

The Healing Systems Within a “Divine Light Alchemy” Session

  • Spiritual Response Therapy
  • Spiritual Restructuring
  • Advanced Chakra Therapy
  • Matrix Energetics
  • Theta Healing
  • Yuen Mastery/Chinese Energetics
  • Access Consciousness
  • Access Bars
  • Quantum Vortex
  • ***

Our unique blending of ancient vibrational & spiritual healing methods, include past life disentanglement, deleting, clearing, and a total realignment and reintegration.
Adding modern Matrix Energetics, Quantum Vortex, Theta Healing, along with Advanced Chakra Therapy & Yuen Mastery/Chinese Energetics catalyzes rapid clearing of stagnant, depleting energies and recalebrates the subtle energy bodies.

***I am actually certified in more than the the above listed modalities, and whenever required & guided,
I also include those during sessions.

1. A 30 to 45 Minute Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Transformational Healing & Clearing Phone
for One Main Issue or Challenge.

During our call we will clear, release and transmute core issues, limiting beliefs and patterns, and
set your true soul energy and essence into flow.
As we talk my intuitive consulting includes my unique “Divine Spiritual Alchemy” blend of Access Consciousness Processing, Spiritual Past Life Clearing, Divine Light Alchemy Energetic Transmission, Quantum Vortex Healing, Access Techniques, Matrix Energetics, Yuen Mastery, Advanced Chakra, Spiritual Healing, Guidance & Facilitating.

Please note, this session includes ONE phone call only.

Debi Rose “Divine Light Alchemy” Quantum Vortex Scalar Energy Clearing & Healing  Session

Price $350.00

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